November 29, 2010

Gorgeous Grout!

Grout is done!! We picked 'Snow White' as our final option as the contractor recommended NOT going with Bright White. The Disney Reference helped with the decision a little bit too.

November 27, 2010

Tile Style

The Tile has gone in on the shower and the results -- fabulous.

Thanks to my fantastic contractor, who followed my CAD drawings to the tiniest detail, the shower tile looks amazing!!! He even lined up the tiny 5/8" squares at each corner so that it would have a flawless seam ** swoon ** I'll be bubble bathing in no time!!

Next is choosing the grout!!

November 22, 2010


 Wedding Dress Heaven looks like this:

 Thanks to Cherry Blossom Girl & MLH Shop for the swoon-worthy peek into the wonderful world of bridal gowns :)

 Photos Via: The Cherry Blossom Girl

Tile Heaven

I spent a lot of time examining tiles over the past week and I think I came up with an awesome scheme for our new Master Suite!!

Here's the game plan:

The mix of white subway tile, mosaic and glass will make a fresh pop in our bathroom. Tile goes in this week so we shall see!!!

Rub a Dub Dub

We got a new Tub!!!

Our Contractors promise that we are within 10 days of having our Master Bathroom complete. I literally can't wait.

Over the past week the sub floor has been ripped out and replaced:


The Shower walls and tile have been ripped out and re-drywalled:

Our new tub has arrived!!!! And is pretty much installed:

And the tile is almost ready to go up!!


I can't wait to show you the big reveal once this is all done!! We've been patiently waiting since Labour Day... one more week shouldn't kill us!

November 21, 2010

Oh Canada :)

There is no place like home, and no better way to end a weekend of wedding planning and stressing then with a tea from Tim's and a lovely little message :)

Hope you all had a good weekend :)

November 9, 2010

Foggy Morning

Some mornings you wake up and just wish you could spend lying in bed with a giant cup of tea, a good book, some acoustic John Mayer serenading you in the background and glance out at a view like this...

The sky definitely looked like this when I woke up, the view however, not so inspirational... time to daydream out my cubicle window again....... :) Happy Tuesday.

Photo Via: Laura Taylor

November 8, 2010

Speaking of Sarah...

I wish I was waking up here tomorrow morning....

Photo Via: Sarah Richardson

Um... Now What?

So my floor is stripped, the toilet is in the tub, and I'm missing 1 of 3 tile walls!!! Now what?!

With the floor tile picked, I knew the only logical next step was to consult my dear friend Sarah - because we all know there is no one better to ask about tile then SR.

Swooooooon. Time to daydream that any of those bathrooms could ever appear in mine.

Photos Via: Sarah Richardson

Too Cute

I spotted this adorable card over at A Diary of Lovely:

Pear & Marmalade make such sweet letterpress cards and stationary... add it to the list of adorable stationary that I can't get enough of!!

I think the Jane Austen in every girl dreams of getting this card some day :)

Photo Via: Pear & Marmalade

November 7, 2010

Paper Paradise

 One of the BEST parts of planning a wedding has to be the stationary. Could there be anything more fun then shopping for fonts, styles, graphics and paper?!!

With Shops like Alee & Press the inspiration is endless!!! Here are a few of my Favourites!!!

 How am I ever going to decide on just one style!?!

Photos Via: Alee & Press


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