August 25, 2010

2 favourite things in 1 !!

I love John Mayer.
I love Interior Design.
I love Design Magazines.

Put all 3 together and what do you get? Perfection.

This New York City apartment is to die for!! What makes it even more swoon-worthy: Mayer enlisted the genius help of the one and only Giorgio Armani for inspiration in his home.

“If my apartment could make me feel the way I do in Mr. Armani’s suits, life would be really wonderful,” Mayer recalls thinking when he bought a 2,500-square-foot spread in New York City’s SoHo. Armani agreed to help. “I wanted to create a sophisticated environment for John,” the fashion icon says, “one that will bring as much pleasure to him as his music brings to us.” 

Mission accomplished Mr. Armani. This apartment is just the right touch of style and class, without being in your face.

Even better- Elle Decor lets you in on secrets of the design! Wanna paint your master bedroom the same colour as John's so you can fall asleep knowing you're looking at the same walls? Then try out Benjamin Moore's Harvest Time 

What about a new front hall colour? Benjamin Moore's Long Valley Birch looks awesome in John's home!

You can read all about the awesome home at Elle Decor!! So good.

Photos Via: Elle Decor & Benjamin Moore

August 16, 2010


The best things in life are..... living in New York!!

Check out this aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh-mazing remodeled home in NY, I even love the "before"s of this place!!




Ok so you've already swooned beyond belief over the outside and we haven't even entered yet..... prepare to be even more amazed..... take in these "Before"s:


And now, the AMAZING "After"s





 For ALL of the Fantastic Details check out the new issue of Traditional Home

Photos Via: Traditional Home

August 15, 2010


So as I sit and watch the 3rd Season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, I can't help but feel disappointed. For the 3rd Season in a row. And I haven't been able to figure out why I couldn't stand the show....  I LOVE the American version... well tonight, I figured it out.

It's Cat Deeley.

Who you ask? She's the Host of the American version, and I want to be her best friend. Without her on the show being all stylish and hilarious, SYTYCD is terrible!! And SYTYCD Canada... with no host at all, SO terrible.

I've learned tonight that I Love Anything and Everything Cat Deeley. I think it's a bit of a Girl-Crush actually. So imagine my happiness when I discovered that Cat has her own Jewelery Line on QVC and it's as cute and stylish as she is!!

It brings us one step closer to being best friends since we both have a love for vintage fashion accessories!! So thank you Cat Deeley, for making television a little more enjoyable :)

Photos Via: Cat

August 14, 2010

The Shore

We all know that Jersey Shore is the best show on television...and those who don't like it.... clearly don't like fun either. So who cares?

My favourite thing about Jersey Shore is the way people approach talking about the show- secret fans always ask if you watch it with slight hesitation and in a quiet voice so if the answer is "No", then ya, they don't either, end of story, they're way above it too. But when the answer is "Hell Ya'" (which it always is)  it's the best thing ever because you know you are about to gossip for at least 30mins on the ridiculousness and fabulous-ness that is "The Situation" .

The LAST thing you would expect to enjoy in Jersey Shore Season 2 would be the Home Decor, since the first season was absolutely horrifying. (The garage door had the Italian Flag painted on it, like really?!)

What could I expect though, the kids on the show are juice-heads and their skin is so orange and radiation-filled they glow in the dark. Their home decor completely reflected that and I appreciated the reference.

And in true Guido Fashion, the Second Season is pretty much just as horrifying as the First- but with a Miami, South Beach, Retro kinda feel to it. Which, dare i even admit it, I kinda like?! Well there are 2 things that I love, the rest I could completely do without. I LOVE the sometimes orange sometimes red curtains against the grey walls and honey coloured wood. A very fun, young, punchy vibrant print:

 And I love the circle pillows with the Moroccan flair, very hip and trendy:

 The rest I could do without. The bright blue against the dark, the mismatched furniture patterns and the ratty rug in the photo above make my stomach churn. The rest of the house is just as awful, but with a sense of humor that makes the show that much better!! It's true what they say "It's so Bad, it's Good" , well in the decor sense... it's all pretty bad. But the Show is too Good :)

I hope all you fans enjoy the rest of the Summer Season and sleep happy knowing that there is a third season still to come with more horrifying TV fun !!

Photos Via: MTV

The Best with the Best

And because I spent the beginning of my week being entertained by the joy, Michael Buble, I have to end my concert series with the Buble / Letterman Top 10, as it's two of my favourite dudes together making jokes...

Video Via: Youtube

Boys of Summer

This week officially ended the Summer Concert Series I've attended and like to refer to as 
"The Massively Attractive Men Tour" 

I can't help but feel a little sad knowing my remaining summer nights aren't going to be filled with dreamy guys serenading me to soft love songs with their guitars & tailored suits.... so this post is dedicated to remembering these dream-boats and hoping their crooning lasts me well into the Fall....

And on top of the amazing summer concerts I've been to, I have to pay special thanks to the concerts that got me through the cold nights this year as well:

From my Valentines Day with John:

To the boys of Muse who, in the Spring, did the craziest, coolest intro ever and played the coolest rock show I have been to in a long time:

Thanks Boys for a Great Year!!!

Videos Via: Youtube

Singaporean Chic

This post brings me great excitement as I've recently discovered some of the coolest design ideas ever- all the way from Singapore- courtesy of Singapore Home & Decor Magazine !! From bold and bright, to cool and calm, Singapore seems to have it all when it comes to new design trends- who knew?!!!

This magazine hits close to home for me as my sister and her family have lived in Singapore for a few years now- and don't they live in a chic country?! It makes me giggle a little bit, as my siblings and I grew up in Rural Ontario, where the design and decor of the area was always Country Charm with a splash of Tacky. Now that we're all city-slickers (me being the least urban of the 3) it's awesome to see the fantastic design styles that surround us!!

My brother lives downtown Toronto so I'll have to do a Post showcasing the fabulous design from his neck of the woods... a little bit closer to home for me over here in K/W!! 

Photos Via: Singapore Home & Decor Magazine 


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