August 14, 2010

Boys of Summer

This week officially ended the Summer Concert Series I've attended and like to refer to as 
"The Massively Attractive Men Tour" 

I can't help but feel a little sad knowing my remaining summer nights aren't going to be filled with dreamy guys serenading me to soft love songs with their guitars & tailored suits.... so this post is dedicated to remembering these dream-boats and hoping their crooning lasts me well into the Fall....

And on top of the amazing summer concerts I've been to, I have to pay special thanks to the concerts that got me through the cold nights this year as well:

From my Valentines Day with John:

To the boys of Muse who, in the Spring, did the craziest, coolest intro ever and played the coolest rock show I have been to in a long time:

Thanks Boys for a Great Year!!!

Videos Via: Youtube

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