February 2, 2011

Life as we know It

The perks of having a Canadian Winter -- Snow Days!! And what better way to spend a snow day then by watching cheesy, girly movies on the couch.

Today's pick- Life as we know It.  A super cheese-ball movie starring Catherine Heigel & Josh Duhamel (mmmmm Josh Duhamel)..... mmmm.....

where was I? Oh ya. Life as we know it. Ok, my review- this movie is best watched with the volume turned alllllll the way down. I knew going into this movie that the plot, while super emotional (your best friends die in a terrible accident and you are selected to raise their one year old daughter with a super hot guy, who happens to be emotionally clueless?!) would be a gem. Purely based on the visual appeal... this time I'm not talking about Josh Duhamel. 

To balance the ridiculously sad plot, the movie adds in a new character -- the house -- which acts as the poster child for what was hot in home decor for 2010. Years from now when I am old and grey I'll sit my kids down and make them watch this movie- purely to see what the most gorgeous homes looked like in mommy's 20's :) ... I'm sure they'll care... lol. Check out this Stunning Georgian Style Home, sure to make you swoon.


Even Katherine's bakery/catering company is to die for cute. If only we could all own a stunning home and run our own amazing bake shop... every 2010-11 girls dream :)

So while I know this movie isn't much in the plot-line department, the house alone is worth the price of the rental :)

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  1. Its not a perfect film but it just made me laugh and cry as well at many points. Its a nice romantic comedy flick that is very enjoyable.
    Watch Life as We Know It Movie



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