February 21, 2011

Grasscloth Glory

Happy Family Day to my fellow Canadians!! This long weekend was just what I needed-- to get some much needed work started around the house!!

This weekend I taught Future Hubs the joy of learning how to wallpaper. It only took a few bumps and lumps for us to get the hang of it, ahh wallpaper humour.

The goal of all our wallpaper jokes is to make our many staircases / hallways have a sense of flow and interest all their own... the solution- grasscloth and chair rails!!

We started by dividing the walls in sections- the top half to be grasscloth, the bottom half creamy cloud white :)

After lots of painting (could painting trim suck any more?) we started to giddy process of cutting, pasting and hanging wallpaper.

I love love love the way the grasscloth looks when I wake up in the morning and head down the stairs (and it's not even done yet!):

We took a break after the first wall... as rookies we are totally convinced that in a day or two the paper is going to fall off the walls... lol. But the next step is to put up the chair rail, which is the perfect match to our base and crown moulding. I can't wait for it to be completed, we'll finally have interesting hallways :)

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