January 23, 2011

Stairway to Heaven

In my dreams my home has big grand staircases in which I get to dress up in huge ball gowns and pose for photo-ops on as my Prince Charming waits for me on the landing... In reality, the grandest staircase in my home looks like so:

A real beauty, I know.

Let's pretend, just for a moment, that my main staircase looked something like... well any of the images below :)

Ahhh dreaming.... Now, back to the task at hand---- my hideous stairs. The dilemma in our house, being a side-split, is that we have 4 sets of staircases. All small, all connecting each room to the next. Therefore I need to figure out a way to unify each stairway...

Allow me to demonstrate. We have 4 sets of stairs:

The hallway in the background of #1 (front entrance) leads around to #2 (upstairs) and also to #3 (the den) which leads to #4 (doorway to the basement). I want all the hallways to tie together and be cohesive, in a subtle way that simply guides the eye through each room showing a clear path of travel.

Currently I am addicted to Grasscloth. I have visions of grasscloth and wainscoting floating through the hallways of my home...

Now to find the perfect grasscloth!!

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