January 2, 2011

2011... A Big One.

New Years Resolution Time: 
1. Work Out. More. 
2. Blog. More. 

Holy Shmoly, 2011. Can it really be?!!! 2010 was soooo good to me,
it is really really hard to see it go.

However, This New Year, 2011, feels like a big one. A Bittersweet one.

  It marks the 10th year since I graduated from High School.... no that's not possible.... it is? 

It marks my last year as a single lady.

It completes my last FULL year as a 20-something. 

2011 also promises to be full of lots of New Adventures!
Including My New Position at my Dream Job- designing my heart out

 Wedding Wedding Wedding Planning!!

Plus lots more renovations of our humble home 
as it fills our hearts with the most happiness.
(a hall makeover is already in the works!)

 While 2010 was almost too good to be true- new blog, new friends, new job, new ring, new renos...

That means 2011, you have some mighty big shoes to fill...

 but I have no doubt, there will be lots to blog about :) 

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