February 24, 2011

We get by with a little help from our friends

I have very exciting Wedding news to share!! It has been quite a week for Hubs and I -- we've made selections for the Groomsmen!!!

I'm very excited to share our special day with all of hubby's closest friends... 
10 of them to be exact. LOL :) 
Cheers to a BIG wedding party will all of our favourite friends!!! 

Not only did we decide on the Groomsmen, I hit the jackpot today and found our wedding invites!! The icing on the cake? I got them on MASSIVE sale- $60 for a box of 30 on for $24 a box :D It was totally meant to be: there were only 3 boxes left on the shelf, all with my name on them :)

Yay for successful Wedding Planning!!

February 21, 2011

Grasscloth Glory

Happy Family Day to my fellow Canadians!! This long weekend was just what I needed-- to get some much needed work started around the house!!

This weekend I taught Future Hubs the joy of learning how to wallpaper. It only took a few bumps and lumps for us to get the hang of it, ahh wallpaper humour.

The goal of all our wallpaper jokes is to make our many staircases / hallways have a sense of flow and interest all their own... the solution- grasscloth and chair rails!!

We started by dividing the walls in sections- the top half to be grasscloth, the bottom half creamy cloud white :)

After lots of painting (could painting trim suck any more?) we started to giddy process of cutting, pasting and hanging wallpaper.

I love love love the way the grasscloth looks when I wake up in the morning and head down the stairs (and it's not even done yet!):

We took a break after the first wall... as rookies we are totally convinced that in a day or two the paper is going to fall off the walls... lol. But the next step is to put up the chair rail, which is the perfect match to our base and crown moulding. I can't wait for it to be completed, we'll finally have interesting hallways :)

February 20, 2011

Wedding Shoes

With Spring just around the corner (right winter?) , I am gearing up for wedding dress shopping!! First thing to find are the perfect wedding shoes. In my dreams they are adorably YELLOW :)

I'm even thinking my Bridesmaids would look super cute with yellow heels

Let the shoe shopping begin!!!

February 4, 2011

Knock Knock Knocking

Due to our lovely main bathroom leak, things got put on hold around the house..... but I am happy to report we are back on track with our main floor powder room! Look, she even got a new door!!

Just needs a little paint and we are almost done the laundry room / powder room saga! What a work in progress :P

February 2, 2011

Life as we know It

The perks of having a Canadian Winter -- Snow Days!! And what better way to spend a snow day then by watching cheesy, girly movies on the couch.

Today's pick- Life as we know It.  A super cheese-ball movie starring Catherine Heigel & Josh Duhamel (mmmmm Josh Duhamel)..... mmmm.....

where was I? Oh ya. Life as we know it. Ok, my review- this movie is best watched with the volume turned alllllll the way down. I knew going into this movie that the plot, while super emotional (your best friends die in a terrible accident and you are selected to raise their one year old daughter with a super hot guy, who happens to be emotionally clueless?!) would be a gem. Purely based on the visual appeal... this time I'm not talking about Josh Duhamel. 

To balance the ridiculously sad plot, the movie adds in a new character -- the house -- which acts as the poster child for what was hot in home decor for 2010. Years from now when I am old and grey I'll sit my kids down and make them watch this movie- purely to see what the most gorgeous homes looked like in mommy's 20's :) ... I'm sure they'll care... lol. Check out this Stunning Georgian Style Home, sure to make you swoon.


Even Katherine's bakery/catering company is to die for cute. If only we could all own a stunning home and run our own amazing bake shop... every 2010-11 girls dream :)

So while I know this movie isn't much in the plot-line department, the house alone is worth the price of the rental :)

Happy Groundhog Day!

It is a blustery, wintery, freezing cold day in South Western Ontario!! With a blizzard sweeping through this morning, poor little Wiarton Willie had a cold cold awakening. The good news... Spring is around the corner... No Shadow!!

Happy Ground Hog Day, and Happy Digging out your driveways!!

February 1, 2011

Best Dressed

I've been dreaming of Bridesmaids dresses ever since the bridal show on the weekend and thanks to my favs: Alfred Sung, Lela Rose & After Six... I think I've built some pretty adorable options for my girls!! I really want to do different shades of grey, mixed with different styles that all share a common theme-- my personal fav. ruffles!! In any shape or form, I think ruffles are to die for cute and so girly. Lets just hope my Bridesmaids feel the same!!

Photos Via: The Dessy Group

Bridesmaid Bliss

After spending time at the Interior Design Show this weekend, my Bridesmaids and I met up at the National Bridal Show to check out the latest in Bridal fashion and decor!

I must say, thanks to the show, I am completely inspired!! I always knew I loved what The Dessy Group had to offer, but getting a peak into their new Spring Collection of Alfred Sung & Lela Rose has me swooning!! I can see my girls in so many of their new styles, I can't wait to start trying them on all my BM's!!!


If you missed the Interior Design Show this year, mark it in your calendar for next year because it was FANTASTIC.

The highlight of my time at IDS- getting to TOUCH a Sarah Richardson Design. She and her brother Theo did an adorable cottage chic vignette that  I could have lived in no problem :)

Other highlights of the show:

The Ikea booth- classic, simple, elegant paper lanterns offset with a super dark, romantically warm kitchen.

Brothers Glenn and David Dixon designed such a beautiful paper crane inspired room that pictures don't even do it justice

It was such a good show- I can't wait for next year!

Photos Via: House & Home, IDS11


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