December 23, 2010

Justin Alexander

I'm pretty sure every girl... ok maybe not EVERY girl...  but every girly-girl has dreamed of their wedding dress. Getting the dress is by far my most anticipated moment in this whole getting hitched deal.

My only fear is that I'll like them all.... how will I ever decide? They say when you find the right one you'll just know. Here's hoping that is true because right now, just merely looking through magazines and websites, I love them ALL.

Though I must say right now I am loving Ruffles. Anything and everything Ruffles. Which is why when I saw shots of this Gorgeous Wedding over at Style Me Pretty, my heart grew 10 sizes looking at her gown courtesy of Justin Alexander.

I also really fell in love with these dresses by JA:

So much fun!! I can't wait to start shopping for dresses- of course, I'll bring you along with me for the ride :) 

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