March 31, 2011

Spinning the Colour Wheel

When it comes to design I don't often gamble with the colour wheel. I like to stay to one side or the other, never venture outside the lines... but with the guest room, I think a spin on the colour wheel is in order!!

Purple and Yellow, Blue and Orange? A little bit of everything?? The possibilities are endless :) and the inspiration... even more so...

Living Room modern living room

Window seat/reading nook at end of stair hallway traditional hall

Living Room modern living room

March 26, 2011


There she is, spotted again- my guest room bedding in all her glory. The awesome thing about this bedroom is that the rest of the condo follow suit and continues the green/grey/modern theme throughout! I love the colour scheme and love the commitment to colour :)

Condo Interior Renovation contemporary bedroom

Condo unit interior renovation contemporary staircase

Condo Unit Interior Renovation contemporary home office

Condo Unit  Interior Renovation contemporary hall

Cond Unit Interior Renovation contemporary kitchen

Cond Unit Interior Renovation contemporary kitchen

Condo unit interior renovation contemporary kitchen

Design Via NOA Architecture Planning Interiors

March 24, 2011


As if the launch of the new Kate Spade website wasn't enough, and her flaunting handbags that look like this:

I had my mind completely blown today when Rue Magazine gave me a sneak peak of Kate's new Home Decor line, coming soon! sooooooooooooooo ridiculously cute. ridiculous.  

March 19, 2011

Happy Weekend!

The snow is melting and the sun is shining... happy weekend!! 
PS- Could this wedding dress be any yummier?!

March 10, 2011

Trend Watch

It's probably the country girl in me, but a trend I've been seeing a lot lately, and LOVING is wood paneling. No, not the kind that you grew up with in the 80's when your entire basement was covered in wood paneling- a new, modern approach.

Our basement (shown above) is covered in the lovely faux wood paneling of the late 70's and I wish we had the guts to...well...gut our basement and add an accent of gorgeous wood detail, like these beautiful inspirational photos below:

lowcountry river house traditional hall 

Rainbow Bride

LOVE the colours in this wedding bunch (via Style Me Pretty)!!
To me this group embodies exactly what a wedding should be- 
A huge party with all of your favourite friends :)

March 9, 2011

Deja Vu

With our upcoming nuptials, I really really really want to get our guest room completed so that our many many many consultations with our bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents and relatives in the next year are comfortable and welcoming!

Currently it looks like this:

Tragic I know! On the plus side? I've got the room painted!! lol. I've been having visions of purple in this room... maybe an accent wall... I was thinking about it too much and have kind of neglected it....

Until I discovered that
  1. I bought the duvet and pillows for this room AGES ago, like almost a year.
  2. I've suddenly seen my bedding in quite a few places!!
 Hello bedding on Income Property!

Oh you're in Style at Home too? Nice!

I feel motivated to get back into designing the guest room now! Hopefully the next time you see this bedding it will be in my glam new guest room :P 

All the Trimmings

Our hallway transformation is nearly complete-- thanks to some much needed time with our sweet little home last weekend! We had a fantastic 2 days where not only did we get to ask our adorable nieces to carry flowers for our wedding, we also got to learn and embrace the quirks of our sweet house.

The first thing we learned? That the AZ House is scared of nail guns. I'm not gonna lie- I am too. Who knew that putting up chair rail on one wall, would cause another to freak out and explode? The joys of plaster walls I suppose! Luckily that only happened once.

The next thing we learned? When it comes to measuring angles of stairs in relation to wallpaper and trim, while mathematical formulas and protractors are great tools, sometimes a "design eye" works even better :) (MUCH to hubby's dismay)

And the final thing we learned? While one might be a student of math and science and the other from the arts, together, with power tools, amazing in-laws with extreme patience, and a little bit of love, a dull boring hallway can go from bland to grand :D

Ok so we're not quite there yet- I still have to touch up and paint the chair rail, and add accessories and a hand rail. Oh ya and that door at the top of the stairs is getting a makeover-- but we are NEARLY complete!!

March 6, 2011

'Tu' Cute

Is there anything cuter then a little girl in a tutu? No? 
How about 2 little girls in tutu's walking down an aisle with flowers?

I love the idea of an unconventional flower girl dress- instead of the shiny white overpriced dress- why not add some fluff and fun?! 

Add a little hair accessory for style, and you've got yourself an adorable flower girl :) :)

Photos Via: Birdsongbows

Flower Power

Happy Sunday!! It has been a fantastic weekend in the A/Z Household (A-Avis, Z-Zuber incase you weren't sure)

Not only did we get lots of work done around the house, we selected and asked our Flower Girls to be in our wedding!! We are thrilled to have my Nieces Katie & Camryn walk down the aisle with us on our big day.

 I had wayyyy too much fun coming up with flower girl gifts; 
what little girl doesn't love getting pretty presents :)

I found an adorably colourful card and made a "flower" bouquet for each girl out of chocolate easter eggs!! 
The "Blue Gift" was for Katie- she is my older niece. LOL she's 4, but informed me that she would nearly be 6 on our wedding day- practically a grown up as far as she is concerned. She is big time into Barbie, as was I from her age on to about.... well I'm still big time into Barbie. So naturally Bride-Barbie was a MUST for her - she even comes with a life-size engagement ring!! LOVE.

Camryn is my younger niece, she is 2, she'll be three and a half at our wedding. She got the "Purple Gift"
and I almost DIED when I found out Fisher Price made a Royal Wedding Play Set- perfect for her! While playing with the new set we decided that maybe Hubs should wear a crown at the wedding, since he plays the part of a prince oh so well :)
I had so much fun coming up with a fun way to ask the girls to be in my wedding and can't wait to start shopping for dresses!!!

Next up is asking our ring bearer... wedding are too much fun!!

(This is Katie and Hubs demonstrating their graceful moves for the wedding day; two peas those two)

March 3, 2011

Wedding Website

 Well my Wedding Besties have posted their official Wedding Website, 
which means Hubs and I need to start ours!! 

Check out all their wedded bliss here!!!


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