March 6, 2011

Flower Power

Happy Sunday!! It has been a fantastic weekend in the A/Z Household (A-Avis, Z-Zuber incase you weren't sure)

Not only did we get lots of work done around the house, we selected and asked our Flower Girls to be in our wedding!! We are thrilled to have my Nieces Katie & Camryn walk down the aisle with us on our big day.

 I had wayyyy too much fun coming up with flower girl gifts; 
what little girl doesn't love getting pretty presents :)

I found an adorably colourful card and made a "flower" bouquet for each girl out of chocolate easter eggs!! 
The "Blue Gift" was for Katie- she is my older niece. LOL she's 4, but informed me that she would nearly be 6 on our wedding day- practically a grown up as far as she is concerned. She is big time into Barbie, as was I from her age on to about.... well I'm still big time into Barbie. So naturally Bride-Barbie was a MUST for her - she even comes with a life-size engagement ring!! LOVE.

Camryn is my younger niece, she is 2, she'll be three and a half at our wedding. She got the "Purple Gift"
and I almost DIED when I found out Fisher Price made a Royal Wedding Play Set- perfect for her! While playing with the new set we decided that maybe Hubs should wear a crown at the wedding, since he plays the part of a prince oh so well :)
I had so much fun coming up with a fun way to ask the girls to be in my wedding and can't wait to start shopping for dresses!!!

Next up is asking our ring bearer... wedding are too much fun!!

(This is Katie and Hubs demonstrating their graceful moves for the wedding day; two peas those two)

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