March 9, 2011

All the Trimmings

Our hallway transformation is nearly complete-- thanks to some much needed time with our sweet little home last weekend! We had a fantastic 2 days where not only did we get to ask our adorable nieces to carry flowers for our wedding, we also got to learn and embrace the quirks of our sweet house.

The first thing we learned? That the AZ House is scared of nail guns. I'm not gonna lie- I am too. Who knew that putting up chair rail on one wall, would cause another to freak out and explode? The joys of plaster walls I suppose! Luckily that only happened once.

The next thing we learned? When it comes to measuring angles of stairs in relation to wallpaper and trim, while mathematical formulas and protractors are great tools, sometimes a "design eye" works even better :) (MUCH to hubby's dismay)

And the final thing we learned? While one might be a student of math and science and the other from the arts, together, with power tools, amazing in-laws with extreme patience, and a little bit of love, a dull boring hallway can go from bland to grand :D

Ok so we're not quite there yet- I still have to touch up and paint the chair rail, and add accessories and a hand rail. Oh ya and that door at the top of the stairs is getting a makeover-- but we are NEARLY complete!!

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