March 31, 2010

Spring Chicken

How CUTE are these Easter Cupcakes by Martha Stewart?!

Definitely need these on the Easter Dessert Table!!

March 29, 2010

Under the Weather


 With Spring upon us my body has definitely felt the effects of the changing weather. 
How to turn my stuffy head, runny nose, sad frown up-side-down? A little umbrella inspiration!!

Ahh feeling better already :)

Moody Monday

Today is a Moody Monday from under the covers in my bed. All these fluctuations in temperature have caused my minor head-cold to explode!!! Since I feel like I'm laying under a grey raincloud I figured this entry should be all about the colour grey!!

 But not just any grey- the GORGEOUS grey textiles that can be found in West Elm's new Summer Collection!!

I love the rich tones of charcoal grey mixed with pops of summery yellows and pinks.

maybe it's not such a cloudy Monday after all :)

March 26, 2010

March 25, 2010

When One Doors Closes...

I L-O-V-E Doors.

I love them the way I love people- in every shape and colour. haha.

It wasn't until I bought my house and saw my newly acquired hollow, sad, slab doors that I decided I really really love doors. There is no excitement walking up to a room with a plain boring door, and I felt bad for my new home that it didn't capture my excitement for doors. Not that there is anything wrong with plain slab doors but I feel like doors should say something.

So imagine my JOY when my new interior doors finally arrived yesterday!!

Isn't She Lovely?!! I still have to paint and add some hardware, but I am very very excited!! To help visualize what my new doors will look like in their new home, I did a little research :)

Happiness is a Pretty Door.

March 24, 2010


I think Sarah Richardson is my Soul Mate. I met her as a die-hard fan last year at a design show and follow her religiously. Especially this season on Sarah's House when she announced she had a$600,000 budget for a $500,000 home.... drrrrooool........that is music to a designer's ear!! Do you KNOW what you can GET with that kinda budget.... oh man...

Anyway, back to the Soul Mate part: So I'm watching Sarah pick out a floor tile for the powder room and I can't help but notice something very familiar in her office...

 I look down at my coffee table....

...and there it is!! 
We both own a playfully coloured vase, purchased from HomeSense for $10.99

...Like I said,

  Soul Mates
(or we both just have a very common addiction among women called: HomeSense)

 Photo via

March 23, 2010

Hardware Heaven

While the remodeling of my powder room is almost complete, I simply HAD to share another bathroom project that I recently completed for a client. I love love love how it turned out!!

Next to the glass tiled walls, my favourite part is the hardware!!! On a simply designed cabinet, a gorgeous knob or handle is comparable to a finishing touch of jewelery on an outfit.

We got this hardware from Richelieu which is an awesome hardware supplier.

March 21, 2010

Flea Market Find!!

Now that Spring has finally Sprung, Flea Market Season can officially begin!!! And what better way to start the season then by purchasing the BEST DEAL EVER!!! 
I found this sweet little chair for $15.00 !!!

The label on the chair says it's from Morette's Limited
a cute little custom furniture place in Hillsburg, north of Oakville.

   Underneath the seat cushion it says the chair was 
Custom Crafted for the Jakobstettel Guest House  
which, after I did some research is a GORGEOUS Victorian home in local St. Jacob's!!

I love a cool antique story... 
I can just image all the amazing things that went on in this mansion when my cute little chair lived there :)

Next step is to give it a sweet new makeover with some updated fabric for my quaint little home- quite a change from it's previous mansion status!!

Papered Powder Room

The next step in operation Gut Green Powder Room is nearly complete!! 

We've gone from THIS:



After Cutting, 


And Papering some more...

It's been a Wild Wallpaper Ride but we're almost done!!

The Blind Side

With such an amazing story, it's hard to believe that The Blind Side could be any more amazing.... until I realized that Sandra Bullock's character, Leigh Anne, is actually a fantastic Interior Decorator!!! Thus making the movie even sweeter!!!

Their beautiful house sucks you in and instantly makes you want to see more!!

 The gorgeous foyer, staircase and living room set the tone for the whole house. Look at the thick door frames-- Awesome millwork

LOVE the dining room chair and fresh cream kitchen. 

An awesome movie with a great story and even greater set design :) A Must See

March 15, 2010

Moody Monday

I haven't done a Moody Monday in a while, but after snooping on Martha Stewart's Wedding Blog (I have a slight addiction to Martha's Wedding Magazines and Websites) I think I have died and gone to Wedding Designer Heaven!! I'm not getting married (I'm not even engaged), but this makes me want to be!!!

Pantone & Dessy teamed up and created the magical Pantone Wedding. 

You can order color swatches in a TON of colors, then send them to your florist, bridesmaids, etc., so they can coordinate the colors too! A DESIGNER'S DREAM!!!!

(all photos from

March 12, 2010

These Boots were made for Walking

Well ladies, the snow is melting, the sun is shining and that means we can break our our stillettos without having to worry about slipping on ice or sinking into a snow bank!!!

With only one more week until spring, what better way to kick off the new season then a little lesson on how to walk in high heels from our diva extrodinairre.... Oprah.

Check out Oprah's Video Here and let the spring strutting begin!!!


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