March 21, 2010

Flea Market Find!!

Now that Spring has finally Sprung, Flea Market Season can officially begin!!! And what better way to start the season then by purchasing the BEST DEAL EVER!!! 
I found this sweet little chair for $15.00 !!!

The label on the chair says it's from Morette's Limited
a cute little custom furniture place in Hillsburg, north of Oakville.

   Underneath the seat cushion it says the chair was 
Custom Crafted for the Jakobstettel Guest House  
which, after I did some research is a GORGEOUS Victorian home in local St. Jacob's!!

I love a cool antique story... 
I can just image all the amazing things that went on in this mansion when my cute little chair lived there :)

Next step is to give it a sweet new makeover with some updated fabric for my quaint little home- quite a change from it's previous mansion status!!

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