March 24, 2010


I think Sarah Richardson is my Soul Mate. I met her as a die-hard fan last year at a design show and follow her religiously. Especially this season on Sarah's House when she announced she had a$600,000 budget for a $500,000 home.... drrrrooool........that is music to a designer's ear!! Do you KNOW what you can GET with that kinda budget.... oh man...

Anyway, back to the Soul Mate part: So I'm watching Sarah pick out a floor tile for the powder room and I can't help but notice something very familiar in her office...

 I look down at my coffee table....

...and there it is!! 
We both own a playfully coloured vase, purchased from HomeSense for $10.99

...Like I said,

  Soul Mates
(or we both just have a very common addiction among women called: HomeSense)

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