March 25, 2010

When One Doors Closes...

I L-O-V-E Doors.

I love them the way I love people- in every shape and colour. haha.

It wasn't until I bought my house and saw my newly acquired hollow, sad, slab doors that I decided I really really love doors. There is no excitement walking up to a room with a plain boring door, and I felt bad for my new home that it didn't capture my excitement for doors. Not that there is anything wrong with plain slab doors but I feel like doors should say something.

So imagine my JOY when my new interior doors finally arrived yesterday!!

Isn't She Lovely?!! I still have to paint and add some hardware, but I am very very excited!! To help visualize what my new doors will look like in their new home, I did a little research :)

Happiness is a Pretty Door.


  1. Wow! You really are excited about doors, Ashley! But it’s a good thing because I can see from the photos how well you did in choosing the right type of door for each room in your house. I especially love the one in the last photo! The mirrors in it give the illusion that the room is somewhat bigger than it actually is.

    Marla Hinds

  2. Triple thumbs up with Marla! Mirrors are used to create an extra space to your interior. But anyway, choosing the right door depends on the kind of room you're going to re-install. Slab doors are usually the best choice for the bedrooms, while Dutch doors go well with the patios.




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