January 23, 2011

Hockey in a Box

To celebrate a True Canadian Winter packed full with a deep freeze and no end in sight, friends and I spent the weekend at a Hockey game. Most specifically, a Toronto Maple Leaf's Game.

Future Hubs and I are by no means Hockey fans, but it was hard to avoid jumping on the band wagon with 20,000 fans dressed in Blue & White cheering at the top of their lungs, flashing their beer bellies to one another in an ice rink!! It was kind of addictive!

Mind you, it wasn't your typical hockey-going experience. Friends of ours have box seats which meant my view of the game looked more like this:

The whole thing was amazing... great food, great drinks, great friends. I'm talking Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Pizza, Fruit, Fresh baked cookies, Ice Cream Sandwiches, M&M's , Chips.... it was literally endless! The amount of food available was almost enough to distract me from the fantastic suite:

 Such a great time... and a lovely distraction from the bitter cold Canadian winter :)Who knew Hockey decor could be so chic!

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