August 14, 2010

Singaporean Chic

This post brings me great excitement as I've recently discovered some of the coolest design ideas ever- all the way from Singapore- courtesy of Singapore Home & Decor Magazine !! From bold and bright, to cool and calm, Singapore seems to have it all when it comes to new design trends- who knew?!!!

This magazine hits close to home for me as my sister and her family have lived in Singapore for a few years now- and don't they live in a chic country?! It makes me giggle a little bit, as my siblings and I grew up in Rural Ontario, where the design and decor of the area was always Country Charm with a splash of Tacky. Now that we're all city-slickers (me being the least urban of the 3) it's awesome to see the fantastic design styles that surround us!!

My brother lives downtown Toronto so I'll have to do a Post showcasing the fabulous design from his neck of the woods... a little bit closer to home for me over here in K/W!! 

Photos Via: Singapore Home & Decor Magazine 

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