August 15, 2010


So as I sit and watch the 3rd Season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, I can't help but feel disappointed. For the 3rd Season in a row. And I haven't been able to figure out why I couldn't stand the show....  I LOVE the American version... well tonight, I figured it out.

It's Cat Deeley.

Who you ask? She's the Host of the American version, and I want to be her best friend. Without her on the show being all stylish and hilarious, SYTYCD is terrible!! And SYTYCD Canada... with no host at all, SO terrible.

I've learned tonight that I Love Anything and Everything Cat Deeley. I think it's a bit of a Girl-Crush actually. So imagine my happiness when I discovered that Cat has her own Jewelery Line on QVC and it's as cute and stylish as she is!!

It brings us one step closer to being best friends since we both have a love for vintage fashion accessories!! So thank you Cat Deeley, for making television a little more enjoyable :)

Photos Via: Cat

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