February 3, 2010


At first I was upset when I found out Gossip Girl was going to be away until March, what was I going to do Monday nights without my fashion icons for a whole month?! But then, the CW offered me something...dare I say...even BETTER... my new favourite show - Life Unexpected!!

Besides the show having an awesome cast (Jack from Dawson's Creek?! Thanks 1998!!), I'm always a sucker for a good set, and this show does NOT disappoint. The "mom" on the show Cate has the sweetest little house (the antique coral chair causally sitting in a neutral colour room?! Stained glass windows with old fashion chandeliers?!)  and she transforms the attic into the best teenager room ever!!

The show is brilliant- think Gilmore Girls meets Party of Five!! I hope this show sticks around because I am a fan!!! Perhaps my wait for Gossip Girl won't be so bad :)

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