April 15, 2010

The New Adventures of Old Furniture

Since the nostaglia of my wacky dream last night hasn't worn off, I thought a trip down sentimental road was still in order.

To me there isn't a much better feeling then breathing new life into old items. I think the best designed rooms are ones that hold sentimentality and remind you of favourite life moments. Luckily for me I inherted my grandmothers old victorian couch and chair, and with a little love (and fabric) have transformed it into a brand new piece :)

My Grandmother's couch Now:

My Grandmother's couch Then:

Pretty cool transformation eh?
I wish I could do an After Photo with all us girls on the couch again - but I'm pretty sure that would be quite the challenge ;)

Everytime I look at my couch I think of this photo- makes the whole room that much better :)

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