July 7, 2010

Office Space

My Home Office needs a makeover.... bad.
What is a girl to do when all her paint samples and design magazines have taken over her entire desk and room?? She redecorates and redesigns of course!! This photo was taken when we first moved into the house, and sadly, I can't say that much has changed. 

My office has become sort of a dumping ground, a place where design magazines and paint samples come to disappear. So I figure that with a new job starting at the beginning of the month, what better time to revamp my home office?!

Here's what we're dealing with:

First I have a closet that is filled with nonsense... well except for all the shoe boxes, those are NECESSARY!! I have a butt-load of accessories, scarves and purses that desperately need a home (instead of collecting on my grandmother's antique rocking chair). And really, I have no child and no child on the way anytime soon, so the rocking chair becomes a weird item in this space. 

The next problem is my desk- Call me sentimental, in this day and age you could almost call me a hoarder, but this silly little corner desk shown above has been in my life for almost 10 years! I bought this desk from Zellers right before I headed off to college to start my interior design life!! Unfortunately with the new design I have in mind for my office, this little desk just isn't going to work anymore. I need more work space and  more storage, therefore a new desk is in the works, and after 10 years together, my relationship with my desk must come to an end...

BUT before we part, why not take a trip down memory lane and review all the places my desk and I have traveled over the years......

First it lived in my teeny tiny bedroom in my college apartment!! There it is in the background during my first year of school... clearly I was more concerned with doing my nails then my homework.....

 Then it moved to my post-grad townhouse that I shared with some girlfriends. Notice my shockingly bright pink bedroom with pink accessories all over my desk in the background! Yikes!!

It could then be found in the living room of my adulthood apartment when I moved away from school- you can see it waaay in the distance.

And finally, it moved into my first apartment with my boyfriend and even became a design project for a staging course I took!!

But life must go on, and it is time for my desk to move on to the next home!!! Luckily I am able to pass my desk on to a good friend in need of a small workspace, so it can now have years of use in a new home, and I can still visit it whenever I want :P

I have BIG plans for my home office, including an awesome DIY desk unit that takes up the entire wall under my window... stay tuned!!!

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