July 17, 2010

The Real World- New Orleans

 Have you SEEN MTV's latest Real World yet?!!! The Boy and I watched it last night, expecting the same outcome as every season, pure crap, but this time I was blown away!!! Season 24 takes us back to gorgeous New Orleans (they filmed there 10 years ago) and the house..... the house..... sigh. I don't even remember who any of the housemates are, I just know I will watch every week to peak inside that mansion :)

If I was super rich and had the ability to decorate millions of houses for myself- this New Orleans House would be my Teenage Dream Come to Life!! From the outside it is breathtakingly beautiful:

The 1633 Dufossat Street New Orleans house is almost 10,000 square feet with 7 bedrooms & 8 baths making it one of the largest Real World houses!

Isn't the floor plan drool worthy?! Lets explore floor by floor shall we? !!!

Although the house is breathtakingly beautiful from the outside, when you walk in to front door, what you see isn't what you'd expect..... at all.


The main floor also houses 2 bedrooms and a bathroom:

The Purple Mater Bedroom has the sickest walk-in closet I've ever seen, as well as an adorable porch overlooking the backyard- photos I have yet to find.

The Sunroom, Office and Confessional are my favourites- I can envision sitting among all the books, lounging in front of the giant windows, sipping fruity cocktails and listening to fantastic music:

 Finally on the main floor is the Great Room- The Kitchen, Living Room and Billiard Table all reside here, and make for a laid back, relaxed atmosphere to chill in:

Upstairs are some of the most over the top bedrooms I have ever seen... but for some reason... I love them! And one of the hallways is actually a sitting/makeup room....

The "Food" Room:

The "Mardi Gras" Room:

And the final "Guest Room":

So there you have it- MTV's The Real World New Orleans, Season 24- possibly the coolest looking Real World House I've ever seen. Chic on the outside, nothing but over the top Partying on the Inside!!! It's gonna be a great season!!!

All Photos Via MTV & Real World Houses

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