September 1, 2010

Sept. 01.

The first day of September... wow. Where did the summer go?! September was always my favourite month growing up- the start of something new - first day of school, shopping for Fall fashion, change of season... I love love love it all.

Funnily enough, the start of Sept. always makes me think of Keri Russell .. well Felicity more specifically. I am a DIE HARD Felicity fan and always think of the classic shot of her getting out of a cab, ready to unpack in her ridiculously gorgeous dorm, for a new school year at "UNY" !!

The start of September makes me soooo excited and anxious to explore what the new Fall season has in store... the nights slowly getting cooler, cozy sweaters coming out of the closet, drinking warm cider and tea by an outdoor campfire, rich warm colours indoors and out.... I am ready for Autumn!! :)

I'm learning little by little that we decide what our lives are gonna be. Things happen to us. But it's our reactions that matter. - Sally 

Photos Via: InStyle

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