September 19, 2010

This used to be a Fun House...

... but now is filled with evil..... dehumidifiers!!
(sung to the tune by Pink of course)

A DAY after our lovely Laundry Room Makeover, our bathroom shower, located directly above the laundry room, leaked throughout the walls and the floor down through the ceiling :(  Fun right?!

On top of needing to cut a hole in the ceiling of the laundry room, my Upstairs Office, located directly beside the leaky bathroom, also got its share of damage:

The door on the left, is the leaky bathroom, the quarantined doorway with plastic.... is my OFFICE !!

The above shot is of my office wall, demoed, exposing the leaky shower!!   That's as far into the room as we can get, the rest of covered in plastic to prevent mold from traveling.

We've lived a week now with constant humidifiers and the smell of wet mold, trying to figure out where to go from here! With no upstairs bathroom to use, we've been left to shower in our basement, which has been another room in need of a remodel!! SCARY!!!

Despite all the set backs this week, there are a few silver linings: I get to pick out new shower fixtures and floor tile for our main bathroom!! Since bathrooms are such a huge reno to undertake, it was always at the bottom of our re-design list.

Now I get to spend some time dreaming of tiles and fixtures :) Things are looking up already!! Hopefully we can get back on track with the office makeover and heal our laundry room quickly without anymore surprised !

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