October 3, 2010


In an attempt to distract ourselves from the moldy, damp smell inside our house, we decided to tackle some outdoor projects this weekend!

Unfortunately I must have been off my design game (I blame  the disaster inside) because my paint choices for our  exterior were dreadful!!! I've mentioned before that I'm terrible at outdoor design... well I proved that with my first attempt at painting:

Here's what happened:

I picked a great colour scheme (well great for an indoor space anyway)

Looks great right? Wrong! I couldn't decide on which colour to do the shutters- Marjoram or Still Sea- so i painted both and thought I would be able to tell which was better- the answer- Neither!!! It sorta looked like Easter had thrown up on my house!!

Here is what it looked like when I painted the house:

So to avoid completely giving up and leaving my house in a state of Pastel Hell, I decided to go in a completely different direction!!  Darker, richer, greener??!! I decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for something completely unlike I would usually do (my nerves were calmed slightly knowing that it couldn't get any worse then what was there now!)

So I mixed the paint, stripped the Easter Parade off the siding... and started again!!

This time the results exceeded my expectation!! I will admit, there was a method to my madness- I loved the gold veins mixed in with the stone of our home, and tried to pull that colour into the shutters. From there I wanted something that would stand out - yet still tie in with the home - and reflect our style- so I went green! Kate Spade Green to be specific!!

I found this Fabulous Wreath at a local antique shop way up North on Labour Day weekend for only $10; the icing on the cake!!

I love the way the green lights up at night- my most favourite part I think :)

So while things may be out of control inside our house right now, at least I can find a bit of peace of mind knowing that the outside is another step closer to complete !

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