October 3, 2010

Flooring Fun

It has been an incredibly busy couple of weeks around our place! With our bathroom reno starting to make a turn around we are now in the stages of picking new finishes!! But where to start? Flooring? Tub surrounds? Fixtures?? It all seems so overwhelming.

We decided to start with floor tile- mostly because our floors are being ripped up soon and we had to make a decision quickly so the tile could be ordered by our supplier.

Floor tile selections are painful- you walk into a huge warehouse style building with ENDLESS samples of tile... I could see my boyfriends eyes gloss over as he saw the drool start to form from my lips as I walked down isle and isle of sweet succulent marble / quartz / porcelain / travertine.  I did narrow it down however, to a style I knew I liked.

I knew I wanted a 12" x 24" tile (to add a bit of visual interest to the floor) and I knew I wanted a creamy/white/light grey finish. Any of these would do:

 Here's what we found that we liked at the store:

The hardest part now was deciding which to choose. I knew the first two were too light and too dark, though I loved their pattern, the 3rd one was great, but maybe a tad too grey?

Finally the flooring Gods smiled upon us and we saw our tile:

It is a light grey, a bit of white veining, some texture, and each piece is completely unique!! The downfall- our budget for flooring from our Insurance Company was $3.50 a sq. ft. This tile came in at $6.99 a sq. ft. (insert sad face here)

Lucky for us there was a limited amount of tile left in the warehouse (barely enough to do our bathroom even) and the salesman could see that it was going to take me all night to choose a tile (it was nearing closing time) so he offered it to us for $4.50 a sq. ft !!! A mere $1.00 over our budget. Our bathroom footage is only 40 square feet resulting in a $50.00 upgrade to get the tile I fell in love with!!

So we brought it home and tried it on for size:

Perfection!! I'm dreaming of a layout similar to this:

Picking out our tile was a huge success.... and just goes to show, sometimes a little pouting and indecision can make all the difference in getting the tile of your dreams. LOL.

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