October 31, 2010

A Blogging Bride!!

Now that I am officially a Bride-to-Be I have to say that most exciting part of all of this is getting to share my journey with all my blogger friends :)

I really want to take the time to enjoy every single moment of this experience, and hope that you'll join me along the way.

Future Hubs and I don't have a date set yet... however ever since I was a little girl, my favourite time of the year was always June. For many reasons:
  1. It is my Birthday Month 
  2. It is the last month of school (that joy no longer applies!)
  3. Summer Starts!
  4. My grandmothers gardens were always FULL of giant, gorgeous, vibrant Peonies. 
I always knew that June was the BEST month, and the month that I would ultimately get married in. Since Future Hubs proposed during October (His favourite Month of the Year!) , trying to pull a wedding off by this June just didn't seem feasible. The response I got from most vendors included a huge sigh and a "well... we can try". Nope. I don't want to make my special day a hassle for anyone, nor do I want to rush. I'm a stop and smell the roses kinda girl, so why not take our time? So we've scheduled a wedding for June 2012 and I couldn't be happier :)

 This gives us 20 months of planning!! With lots of fun along the way :)

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