May 1, 2010

Fight for your Right to be Left (Handed)

Photo: United States Government Work used under Guidelines
So we hold our pens and pencils backwards and generally smudge our hand through our work.
Yes we have special scissors designed for us so we can cut a straight line without getting carpal tunnel.
And yes, I have to hold power tools with both hands and usually get covered in saw dust because the safety is always on the wrong side to my dominate hand....

But isn't it cool that the President is a Leftie?! :)
I was peeking at Apartment Therapy's blog about the White House on Flikr and loved seeing President Obama showcase his Leftiness!!

We are a rare bunch, us lefties, but the good news is that we can pass our creative left-handed-ness on to our offspring!! I got mine from my daddy and hopefully (left fingers crossed) I'll pass the gene's on!!

"No-one has come up with a definitive reason for WHY some people are left-handed, but about 13% of the population around the world are, and it is thought to be genetic - it definitely runs in families.

Researchers have recently located a gene they believe "makes it possible to have a left-handed child " so if you have that gene, one or more of your children may be left-handed, whereas without it, you will only have right-handers - sorry! The good news is, that if you are left-handed yourself, you have that gene and will pass it on through the generations!

The way the brain works is incredibly complex, but this simplified explanation will give you some understanding of where our left-hand dominance comes from. The brain is "cross-wired" so that the left hemisphere controls the right handed side of the body and vice-versa and hand dominance is connected with brain dominance on the opposite side - which is why we say that only left-handers are in their right minds!"

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  1. You may be happy to know that it looks like your nephew is going to be a lefty! Both of his grandfathers are... which would explain where he got it from!



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