April 27, 2011

Royally Excited

Royal Wedding Tea Towel eclectic towel bars and hooks

We are soooooo close to the Royal Wedding and I am soooo excited!!
How will I be celebrating the festivities? 
Drinking tea and listening to romantic music? 
I'll be in Toronto anticipating UFC and getting up close and personal with Joe Rogan. 

So while Kate is off becoming a princess.... 
I'll be sitting front row at Joe Rogan's standup show... ahhh the life of a non-princess :) 
Isn't it fun seeing all the inspirational design that has come out of the Royal Wedding though? I Love it!

It Should Have Been Me Plate  dinnerware

In honour of the nuptials, a girlfriend of mine gave me my
very own set of coasters to commemorate the event!! lol.
too cute.

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