April 27, 2011

Rug Rage

How quickly life can go from Rug Envy (posted below) to RUG RAGE! My den needs a rug, desperately. I feel like I've been looking for a rug for years.... and since we've lived in our house for just over 2 now... I can legitimately say I've been looking for years!

Why the trouble you ask? Well, it needs to be big- 8x10 minimum, it needs to not cost a fortune, and it needs to match with my green couch-- which seems to be impossible to match with!!!

Last week I thought I had it. I walked into Homesense, found a cute rug with green, blue and grey in it (perfect colours), was 7x9-- good size, and it was only $299!!! So I snatched it up, shoved it in the trunk of my escort, and home we went.

Now maybe it was pattern, maybe it was the undertone (much more yellow then the photos show), but something about it was..... off.

 So hubby and I sat on it for a few days, literally and figuratively, and both agreed that it just didn't make us happy when we walked into the room and saw it. As hubby said "it just doesn't lend anything to the room's design". Isn't it strange how you can never tell if a room is going right, but you can definitely tell when it's going wrong?

Unfortunately Mr. Circle Rug just wasn't a good connection with our home sweet home- so back to the store he went.... I think we both left upset, he for be rejected, me for knowing I now have to keep looking for a rug to fit our hostile den! Inspiration... help me out, I need to see rooms that got their rugs right!!

Mission Dolores Residence eclectic dining room

Greenlee Fireplace traditional living room

Mercer Island Residence 01 contemporary living room

dining traditional dining room

LaVista Park Renovation & Interiors traditional

Twin Flats Residence modern living room

Row House Interiors Stair eclectic entry

Plaza Towers Condo Renovation modern

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