June 16, 2010

1, 2, 3, 4, tell me that you love me more...

or 2 3 & 9 if you want to get specific!!

After my post about seeking out great house numbers, I searched tirelessly and FOUND house numbers on the weekend that I ADORE!!! And what's even better then finding great house numbers? Finding them for cheap!

Thanks to the expert shoppers at Lowes, I was able to get modern, "floating" house numbers for $7.57 each!

Via: Hillman Distinctions for Lowes

Not only are the new numbers perfect for the house, they put the old numbers to shame!!

These are the 'Before' Numbers: 
Mounted to the Brick

Close up of Numbers
 Pretty stunning eh? I especially liked that the numbers weren't lined up straight, a classic previous homeowner DIY gone wrong.

And the 'After' Numbers:

It just looks so much fresher!!

You'll notice that I didn't actually mount the numbers yet, I wanted to tape them up first to make sure that I absolutely loved them before committing to any holes! Every day I pull into the driveway though I smile, so I'm pretty sure they're a winner!! Let the mounting begin!!  (next step is to paint over the ugly yellow siding, yikes)

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