June 11, 2010

Exterior Design is Hard

Like most, I spent the majority of my twenties as an apartment dweller- now that I am a homeowner, the task of having to landscape and design my own backyard and house exterior has proven to be super HARD!!

I studied curb appeal in school, and when we were looking for homes with our real estate agent we really saught out great facades... but quite honestly, I never really thought about curb appeal. So here I am, late twenties, with a great looking house, that has NO curb appeal. For the life of me I have no idea how to fix it!

My design approach for interiors is to always start with one item (usually fabric) and work off of that, but since exteriors don't get to use fun fabrics I've had to look elsewhere... So what is that starting point for me you ask? ... for me it's all about the House Numbers!

When you think about it, your house number is the first thing people look for when coming to your place- it's your address, your identification, your number! So why not make it stand out and set the tone for the whole exterior?
House numbers are also an exciting place to start with exterior design as it lets you get creative with the graphic design end of things, which makes for ENDLESS fun searching fonts!!

Let the number search begin!!!

Via: Atlas Hardware

So far the numbers above and  below are the frontrunners for design- since we have a 70's style home I need to find numbers that will compliment that style, the mission look really has me hooked :)

Via Urban Mode

Via Restoration Hardware

These are a few of my favourite numbers from around the web:

Now I just need to figure out where to find these!!!

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