June 16, 2010

Painting Project

During my week long holiday at the end of the month I VOW to get my nasty shed painted. The question, however, is what colours are going to save the poor thing??

Well with the help of my bestie, Sarah Richardson, I think I've come up with a pretty good game plan. Have you checked out her new paint line from Para yet?? Oh My Goodness, if not, you will love it... her samples are huge so you actually SEE the colour you are choosing, and she even gives little tidbits of advice- straight from the queen herself!! What more could a die-hard SR fan ask for?!!  (besides a one-on-one interview and the chance to work alongside her... but other then that, the paint will suffice)

Here's what I'm thinking....

The Far Right will be trim, the middle (which is actually much more grey then the photo suggests) will be the shed colour, and if I am brave enough, the first colour will be the door?!

I'm crazy excited to try it out and hopefully the fresh new paint will make my bomb shelter of a shed look a little less frightening!!!

Photos Via: Me

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