June 12, 2010


I have a new project.

Our powder room and laundry room projects are nearly complete (finishing touches happen this weekend and should be up for your viewing pleasure soon!) so we're on the next one!!

....And it's a peice of work!!! When we moved into our home we were over the moon about everything... well except for the giant eye sore in the backyard. Seriously, there should be a warning before you walk into our backyard that protective eyeware needs to be worn. The beauty of MLS is that you get to view photos of your potential home, but clearly they leave out the scary bits. In our case its the Shed!!

Here is the image we saw online when we first came across our humble abode:

Not too bad right? It's large in and charge, but isn't harming anyone, and it's great storage!!

But then.... reality hit. We showed up at the house and here's what it actually looks like:

?! ?! ?! ?! ?! ?! PINK AND BABY BLUE!!!! Yikes X's 100000!!

Sadly this eye sore has been near the bottom of the "fix'r up'r" list as it's outside, and during the winter is never used. It wasn't until I came across this awesome before and after at High Street Market that i decided our giant shed needed an overhaul. Heck Kelly's little shed isn't even half as bad as mine and look how cute hers turned out!!

Step one was the strip the horrifying pink off the siding and get rid of all the chips. So we've gone from ugly to... can you believe it... uglier!!

It always gets worse before it gets better right? That's what we designers always tell clients anyway... but my heart is sorta in my throat at this stage!! Next step is to get rid of the aweful eavetroughs...

Stay tuned for our progress!!!

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