June 25, 2010

Last Kitchen Day

Today marks my official last day as a Kitchen and Bath designer! It has been a wild four year ride filled with lots of awesome designs and super cool clients. I have grown to absolutely adore kitchen design and find my 'design eye' lighting up everytime I get to visit a new home and see it's kitchen. To me it's like the jewelery box of the house, especially when it's designed well :)

I think the kitchen is the most important room in a house. It's usually the most expensive room to renovate, and requires the most thought and space planning, but, it also gives the BEST reward when completed.

Getting the opportunity to work in the business of Kitchens for the past four years has been an awesome experience. I've always been afraid of the kitchen, as a nervous cook, and my hatred for doing dishes, it's always been one room I've avoided. However, after working on other people's kitchens for years, I've actually found the kitchen to be a homey space, a meeting room, a hub of activity, and actually a great place to bond with your significant other.

By being emersed in space planning, traffic flow, layout, work zones, endless appliance possibilities, the most gorgeous granites and quartz counter tops ever, stunning hardware and hinges, pull out cabinets and drawers and everything else that goes into designing a dream kitchen.... I've come out wanting to be a better cook and a better designer.

I can't wait to see the next direction that Kitchens take, I've been lucky to work in the period where white kitchens are in, contrasting islands have trended in and out, and the simpler the style the better. I feel like I've conquered the kitchen world and look forward to the next step in my design career!!

All Photos Via: Style At Home

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